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I love working with my hands and get enormous satisfaction from doing a great job, going above and beyond to make sure that my customer is happy. I understand that my customers have busy lives so I make communication a priority, keeping them up to date on progress and timings. I love to help and pride myself on my friendly outlook so do give me a call if you would like a quote or advice.


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Something I often get asked is “what electrical work can only legally be carried out by a qualified electrician?”.

The short answer is anyone “electrically competant” can undertake electrical work in your home, not just an electrician. Electrical work is split into two categories; notifiable and non-notifiable (see below for definition). Work which is “notifiable” under part P of the building regulations, and which is therefore regulated under building control, can be carried out by any competant person and signed off by your local building control office rather than by an electrician.

Having said this, it is usually simpler and more cost effective to use an electrician for work that is notifiable and to refer non-notifiable work to people such as myself, i.e. someone competant to undertake electrical work within the building regulations, but not part P registered.

Notifiable work can be summarised as follows:

Since 2013 it is defined as:

– Electrical work being carried out in certain areas of the bathroom (check online or with myself for more details on this).

– Installing an entitely new circuit; this means a new breaker (or switch) is being installed in the consumer unit (or fuse box) with new cables from it to new appliance(s) or sockets.

– There are some additional requirements for those of us lucky enough to have a swimming pool or sauna.

– Installing a consumer unit (previously known as a fuse box) is also notifiable.

All other electrical work is non-notifiable.

I am a qualified engineer and have worked on electrical design of 3 phase power distribution so I am competant to undertake domestic electrical work.

If you have any uncertainty feel free to contact me and ask. There are also some very helpful online documents such as this PDF on ‘Changes to Part P’ by Elecsa and NICEIC.

Gas is a very different story. All gas work should only be undertaken by a Gas Safe engineer. It is possible for pipe runs to be installed by a non-Gas Safe engineer, and then signed off by one but most are understandably reluctant to do this. I recommend Lewingtons. They’re reasonably priced and work to a very high standard:


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